Rick Meister

Financial Consultant

Rick has worked in the financial services industry for over 25 years and became a financial advisor in 2006. Throughout his career, Rick has witnessed firsthand how unexpected events can impact people's lives and how a financial plan can help individuals and families navigate through tough times. He understands that each client is unique, and their financial plan should reflect their personality, life pursuits and financial goals.


 "I love to help my clients work toward their financial goals because financial goals fund personal goals. Investment and wealth preservation strategies often play a key role in my clients' financial success. Whether it's starting a business, providing education for their children, enjoying a comfortable retirement, or building a family legacy, I succeed when my clients succeed. We work together as a team".


Rick and his wife, Nell, live in Ottawa, WI. They have two sons, Alex and Henry. Rick enjoys fishing, playing guitar in local bands and taking walks with the family dogs. Rick is one of the founding members of Big 5 Tanzania, a local non-profit dedicated to helping fund education, healthcare, clean water, food sustainability and entrepreneurial efforts in the Meru region of Tanzania. He has had the privilege of visiting partner families in Tanzania twice, including a trip with Alex in 2017.

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